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Yaida Ford is a top-rated attorney who practices law in Washington, D.C. Her practice areas include condominium law, employment litigation, civil rights and estate planning.

BOSS KING Music Video Release Party

To raise the profile of the case, Attorney Ford has enlisted a production company to use creative means to get the message across.

Boss King

A confident man, who is humble yet spirited, strong yet gentle when he needs to be,
imperfect yet striving to improve himself daily.

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What makes a man a Boss King?

When He Leads:

  • He understands his purpose.
  • He is passionate about his purpose.  
  • He makes the right sacrifices for his purpose.

When He Protects:

  • He protects his family and loved ones at all costs.  
  • He enforces and reinforces boundaries of respect in the home.

When He Cares:

  • He is a strong leader who sincerely cares about who he leads and how he leads them.
  • He honors the relationships that God puts in his life to help him fulfill his purpose.

When He is Deliberate in Making Wise Choices:

  • He is not easily distracted by his own desires.
  • He submits to the proper authority.
  • When he lacks wisdom, he gets it from the proper source.

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Featuring Yaida Ford

Diamond Rust is a 21 year old young woman was brutally beaten in front of her 1-year old and 2 year old children by an undercover Metro Transit Police Officer named John Graham on February 6, 2018 at approximately 3:10 p.m. in Washington, D.C. at 615 Alabama Ave, SE.  The officer broke several of her teeth and right knee after slamming her on the ground while her children stood by. Ms. Rust was arrested and charged with failure to pay $2.25 bus fare.


"The time is always right to do what is right”

— Martin Luther King Jr.

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