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Yaida Ford is a top-rated attorney who practices law in Washington, D.C. Her practice areas include civil rights and condominium law.

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I have litigated police misconduct issues extensively and have won verdicts in those cases. I am passionate about all manner of law enforcement-related issues and the potential for meaningful reform within our justice system. I believe that meaningful reform starts with addressing the different types of immunity possessed by law enforcement, the pros and cons of that immunity, and the potential ramifications if the right type of reform is not accomplished.

Despite all of the media attention on these topics, qualified immunity and sovereign immunity are alive and well and there is a historic context from which these types of immunity were borne–it started with the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871.

I’d be happy to speak to you, your company, or your organization about police immunity, proposed legislation, existing legislation and whether it will truly bring about the change that we are seeking, and how we can join the fight to re-imagine the type of policing we want in our communities.


DC transit police takedown black woman at gallery place metro station on April 3, 2021. If anyone knows the victim or has information about the case, please contact Yaida Ford at (202) 792-4946.

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