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“I believe that every child should have the same access to a high-quality education regardless as to where they live, the color of their skin, who their parents are, or how much money their parents make.”

Funding for Ward 8 schools must be adequate and equitable. We must ensure that:

  • A quality public education is provided for every Ward 8 student.
  • Investments in our school facilities and infrastructure are a top budget priority.

We must provide safe, nurturing and supportive school environments. We must work to:

  • Implement supportive services for students experiencing trauma—whether it is poverty, homelessness, violence in the community or at home, or family member incarceration.
  • Eliminate high-pressured standardized testing which harms both students and teachers.
  • Ensure that a full array of opportunities is available that will prepare students for careers,
  • college and life.
  • Identify and eliminate policies which harshly and disproportionately penalize students with suspensions or expulsions on first offenses.
  • Oppose efforts to reduce or eliminate key personnel such as librarians in our schools. They are critical to building a wholesome education environment and providing essential support for students.

No child should go hungry. We must work to:

  • Ensure that free and nutritious meals are provided to every student in need without stigma.
  • Expand the availability of meals for students in need to include both breakfast and dinner.

Support our educators. We must work to:

  • Provide funding to close the educator pay gap.
  • Support adequate pay for education support professionals and paraprofessionals.
  • Support the right to organize and bargain on matters including education policy.
  • Support substitute teachers in their efforts to be recognized and adequately paid.
  • Eliminate the stigma of teaching in Ward 8.